Great Logo Ideas for Your Inspiration

Great Logo Ideas for Your Inspiration

The purpose of the logo is to communicate brand identity, make an impact on customers and also, make them easily remember your brand or site.
Creating a logo is not a simple task, especially when you are out of ideas. Creativity is the most important part in this process and sometimes you have to awaken it. Being up-to-date with the latest trends is also significant and you shouldn’t disregard it. In this article, we prepared you a collection of amazing logos for your inspiration: they are all creative, functional, and trendy.

Cartoon/Illustration Logo Ideas

This type of logos is very popular among designers and clients. Cartoon or Illustration logo is always unique and will easily stand out from the crowd – which every brand wants. They are eye-catching and people will unconsciously remember them. Simple or detailed illustration, it doesn’t matter if it is clean and stylized. If the illustration is combined with the brand’s name the final results will be even better.

by Carlos Puentes
by Yoga Perdana
by Lubera Design
by KDX

Negative space logo ideas

What is a negative space logo?
It is a design that uses the background of an image to create another image.
This is one of the most attractive techniques. Why? Because a negative space logo usually has dual or hidden messages and that makes it witty and memorable.

by Mootto Srudio
by Vasvari
by Logorilla

Emblem Logos

Most complex job for designers. This type of logos is very remarkable, high detailed, and gives a strong identity.

by Logotomy

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